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Since 2007, Classy Grass has been crafting state-of-the-art hardscapes in Decatur, Mount Zion, Forsyth, and across the area. Through our continual commitment to excellence, we’ve garnered hundreds of happy customers and become proud members of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP).

We can spruce up your backyard with a variety of hardscaping elements like modern patio designs, fire pits, and retaining walls. Each of our designs is tailored to your personal needs and the overall style of your home or office building, which can truly make your property stand out.

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    Elevate your space with our custom hardscaping

    • Enhanced aesthetics: We tailor our approach to your needs as well as your space, creating a unique outdoor area that your family and friends will enjoy.

    • Durability: We use top-of-the-line materials to provide you with gorgeous and long-lasting solutions that can withstand different weather conditions.

    • Improved functionality: Whether it’s a cozy fire pit or a sophisticated patio design, we can create more space for dining, relaxation, and entertainment.

    • Water conservation: By using materials such as permeable pavers or gravel, we create driveways and pathways that allow water to seep into the ground and prevent run-offs.

    • Leveling out the lawn: We resolve problems related to sloped or bumpy terrain, like soil erosion and inaccessible spots related to sloped or bumpy terrain, using retaining walls.

    Why rely on hardscape companies in Decatur?

    We give you access to a broad selection of premium-quality materials and intricate patterns. Our experienced team knows how to design solutions that perfectly match your style and preferences. Our hardscaping will complement your home in Decatur, Forsyth, Mt. Zion, or the vicinity while adhering to the latest standards and local regulations. With our dedicated specialists, you can watch your vision come to life and enjoy the results of our work for a long time.

    What you can expect

    Our comprehensive offer includes landscape walls, retaining walls, fire pits, and patio designs in Decatur, Mt. Zion, Forsyth, and the surrounding areas. With careful planning, we’ll ensure your backyard is both pretty and practical. You can expect:

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    Our experts will be happy to hear out your preferences and analyze the requirements of your space in detail.

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    We’ll craft a meticulous plan that aligns with your requirements and the specific characteristics of your outdoor space.

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    Our experienced team will arrive at your place with the necessary materials and equipment to efficiently carry out your project.

    What our clients say about us

    Classy grass is honestly ran… upfront and honest about pricing, customer minded, and quick to get the job done. They’re first responder owned, takes the best care of their employees (this matters to me), supports local like no other business I’ve seen… and with all that… does an even better job for their clients. My yard is impeccable, I couldn’t do it better if I tried.
    I can not recommend them enough!

    Alison W.

    Thank you so much for doing such a great job on my yard. Your company also had great communication and had the job done the next day after taking a look at it for the bid. I really appreciate you guys!

    Becky L.

    You and your crew came through for me in cleaning up a section of my yard that was a mess.  Then you put down new sod, which now looks great.  Your lawnmowing team did a great job for me all year AND your wife was so helpful in keeping the weeds in check. I trust your company implicitly. Thank you!

    Sue S.

    They come to our house every spring/summer to fertilize, and kill the weeds! Our grass has never been so classy joy also the owners are pretty classy too! You won’t be disappointed with their products or service!

    Hayley M.

    Amazing customer service .. very timely .. very professional ..  very cost effective and just an overall great experience.  I highly recommend this company for any tree/ lawn services. Cody is awesome!!!

    Megan D.

    I highly recommend Classy Grass Services!
    I was in a pinch today to get my driveway plowed and he showed up within 15 minutes and got the job done!!  I will definitely call on him again!! Thanks for the speedy service this afternoon!!

    Debbie H.

    We highly recommend Cody and his snow removal! He is very dependable and is always planning ahead with salting and plowing before our patients arrive. He often works through the night to make sure each of his customers’ lots are handled.  We are always grateful to arrive at work to find he had already been there!

    Dr Rohde

    Frequently Asked Questions

    It can help improve your outdoor space by providing functionality, structure, and aesthetic appeal. It offers a range of benefits, from defining areas for different activities, such as relaxing or entertaining, to providing soil retention and erosion control. Also, it requires minimal maintenance and contributes to sustainable landscaping practices. As experienced hardscaping contractors in Decatur, Mt. Zion, and Forsyth, we’re here to address any questions you may have and provide you with personalized solutions.

    Some typical shapes include rectangular, square, circular, and freeform, but it can depend on how much available space there is, its potential use, and architectural style. Based on these factors, as well as on the layout of your outdoor area and the potential traffic flow, our experts can craft a patio design that’s a perfect fit for your yard.

    For safety reasons, it’s recommended to place it at least 10 feet away from your house or any other structure. This helps prevent heat damage and reduces the risk of accidental fires. Our team of professionals can build a gorgeous fire pit in your backyard in Decatur, Forsyth, Mt. Zion, or the neighboring areas, making sure it’s perfectly safe and in accordance with local regulations.

    A retaining wall is designed to hold back soil on slopes or uneven terrain, preventing erosion and creating level ground. It’s typically tall, sturdy, and made of materials such as stone or concrete. On the other hand, a landscape wall is primarily decorative and used to define seating areas, pathways, or garden beds. It’s usually short,  less structural, and built with wood, pavers, or bricks.

    Classy Grass is your trusted partner when you want to keep your outdoor areas looking neat and stylish. From lawn mowing to modern landscaping features, we’re here to bring your vision to life. We’ll be taking care of your outdoor area while you get to spend your free time at Lake Decatur or browsing the collections of one of Decatur’s wonderful museums. Our comprehensive offer includes:

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